Monday Breezes – Elastic Belts and Flats


I’m always in stores, so I see a lot of trends before I even know they’re coming. I thought I was imagining the resurgence of wide, visible elastic waistbands, but lately I’ve seen too many of them to think they’re random. I know it takes time for trends to reflect on us, but this can only really work for teenagers.

I’m talking about wide, visible, loose-fitting elastic waistbands.

I feel frustrated trying to find stylish clothes that don’t make me look like I work hard or make me look older than I am. We all know the fine line that crosses Frumpsville, and I know it when I see it. These heavily gathered, elastic waistbands would cross that line for me, so I won’t be going there if this is a trend. I’ve noticed a few styles with this elastic added on the back at Talbots, so I’m paying closer attention. Did you notice them?



Dry eyes, dry skin and dry sinuses are especially bad at this time of year when the oven dries everything out. I bought moisturizers Over the years that it shouldn’t be moldy, but it all looks funky. I’m worried about It because it has smart sensors that allow the unit to work until the inside is completely dry. This means that no water is left behind for mold to grow. I also love that the pieces are all dishwasher safe. They also have this is the bigger modelcovers a larger area.

This humidifier works differently than others. After filling the tank, the water flows into the tray where it is purified by passing through UV light. The water then passes through a paper (replaceable) filter. It is then evaporated by the fan so that the clean watery air is invisibly distributed. I ordered pink for my bedside table to try and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Let’s Talk About Flat Shoes

There are many options when it comes to flat shoes, and comfort varies widely. Here’s what I personally took. I am willing to spend more on comfortable shoes as I have been keeping and wearing them for many years.


I’ve been wearing my black AGL ballet shoes for so long that I had to untie them to extend their life. It was a huge investment at the time (18+ years ago?) because they’re classics, they’re so comfortable, and I wore them so often that it cost me pennies to wear them. Back then, I needed a stylish shoe that didn’t hurt because I was up all day to manage a boutique. The same style now retails for $140 more, so their timelessness is obvious.


I haunt websites to find them on sale and am often disappointed as my size usually runs out. In an effort to wear paler colors this spring, I bit the bullet and ordered these in beige and black nosed. I love the Chanel vibe, the buckle silver strap and I know I’m going to get a lot of wear and tear from them.


I only have one couple that comes to mind real loafers. I wasn’t sure it would suit my style because I’m not really into ready-to-wear, but this winter I found myself reaching for them. I love the volume they add to the lower part of my silhouette when I wear chunky sweaters or wide-leg jeans. What I usually prefer is driving loafers or smoked slippers.

fashion blogger jennifer connolly in a black outfit sitting on the balcony a good life

Smoking slippers are very similar to loafers. Leather or fabric is usually softer, the sole is more flexible, and they don’t have extra details like a band on the top of the foot to add a penny to. These bands usually make loafers too tight for me, so I prefer to forego them. My Favorite Birds They come to my mind here because they are as comfortable as slippers for me.

Driving Mocs one step more comfortable as the soles are very flexible. They come with and without the extra strap on the top and usually have a horse lice. There are usually rubber pebbles on the bottom of the shoe to grip the pedals, giving them extra cushioning as you walk. My favorite couple is Robert Zur and you guessed it, they’re black too. I wore these so often that the skin on the front abraded as if I was dragging my toes as I walked.


I found these driving moc mules that come in tons of colors and I think they will be great this spring. Talbots always do a lot of driving moc in fun colors.

Jennifer Connolly from A Well Styled Life wears Ecco sneakers, faux tights and a cashmere sweater by Ann Taylor

And of course, there are casual sneakers that I just adopted as casual shoes when I bought this pair of Ecco Soft 7 sneakers in 2018. Now I have quite a large collection in various styles, shapes and yes colors.

What are your favorite apartment types and brands? Need arch support? Need cushioning? Are you better off with a small height?

Thanks for reading and sharing your ideas with the community here.


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