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It’s been a long time since we discussed business travel, especially the must-haves of business travel. What are the things you find indispensable in your travels? Are you sure what you keep or bring or restock in your bag? Overall, what are your top business travel packing tips?

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Some of the things readers have noted in the past are in the chart below – the previously recommended travel moisturizer (it blew my mind, great tip) was sold out, sadly, so if there’s a new reliable one they love I’d love to hear.

Business Travel Packing Tips: Readers’ Favorites

These are some of Corporette readers’ favorite items for business travel…

Business Travel Packing Tips

Which Technology Will Be Introduced?

Readers noted laptop privacy screens It was important—not only does it help with glare, it also keeps the monitor out of view unless you’re right in front of the screen. Handy.

Extra cables, portable chargers and (for international travel) travel adapters they are wonderful. At least if you’re in the US, I’d recommend one too wall faucetis the official name for “that thing” that gives you extra sockets and USB chargers. It takes up almost no space and can be great if someone else has taken the charger, both at the hotel and while traveling. (Question first, of course.)

(I’m also disappointed that Anker’s plug-in bright red portable battery charger is no longer available—bright red has always seemed very smart if you’re traveling with it. this is the newer, slimmer Anker modeland it does the job reliably.)

If you have a bag with a charger, for example away bags, if you are checking the case, you must remove the charger; Even if you’re just using it as a carry-on, they warn you should be ready to show you how to remove the charger at the door.

Personal Items to Pack

There are tons of things you can keep in your bag in small sizes or limited portions, such as Advil and other OTC medications, nail files or clippers, hand lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, perfume, makeup remover, hand sanitizer. , lip balm etc.

(I’ve only gone so far as to keep a makeup bag for outings—usually unopened sample-sized things like mascara, or affordable/less-preferred stuff like eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, or gel, or more.)

Some things are especially great to have on hand when you hit the ground to refresh yourself – face misting spray, for example – caudalie and Evian’s face mists have always been a reader favorite – or disposable toothbrushes or dental wipes.

Business Travel Packing Tips: Some of Our Musts

Foods to Bring on a Business Trip

Some readers have noted that they like to bring Tabasco sauce in small bottles to sweeten boring airplane or hotel meals—some even noted that you can find packages of Tabasco sauce at Panera, and there are occasional packages of sriracha at World Market. (A on Amazon 6-pack of Tabasco miniatures It’s under $14.)

Readers also noted that: ginger tablets It can really help in case of motion sickness. (I’m a fan of these foundations too motion sickness bands.)

I always tend to have a protein bar in the outer pocket of my bag – handy in an emergency. Same for Liquid IV or other hydration packs—very useful if you don’t drink as much water as you normally do.

(I’m also a fan of bringing reusable water bottles when traveling – I greatly prefer cold water, so it’s easy to put it in the fridge at night and have nice cold water ready when I wake up. horseshoe bottles because they are so light, but obviously SwellingThe Hydroflask or Stanley ones are really popular now.)

Also remember that minimus.biz is a website specializing in travel size products for personal care, food and dressings, and other travel accessories.

Block: Noise! Lights!

An eye mask to block out light can be great, especially if you have long flights for business travel. It Ostrich Pillow mask it is compact but also acts as a cushion against the window (gloss). If you prefer a really good eye mask, I have it. from this Manta and can verify that it blocks 100% of the light.

Noise canceling stuff was also high on everyone’s list – Bose Quiet Comfort headphones, loop earplugseven just yours basic earplugs.

Speaking of filtering and blocking things – this is a huge personal preference, but you might also want to consider packing some face masks like N95s in your handbag in case someone gets a bad cough on the plane. an exciting new disease/variant is in circulation, you’re sitting at the door for a long time but not in the air or for other reasons. This 3M Aura N95 it comes individually packaged and gets raves for convenience.

Clothes and Shoes to Take with You for Your Business Trip

A Lightweight Travel Scarf

There’s a reason the old office shawl is a classic – it’s an extra layer of warmth (even over a blazer or jacket), it can be used as a travel pillow, or you can hang it over a skirt while you’re sitting down if you want. more humility. (For example, if you’re like me and usually sit cross-legged.)

collage of women wearing office shawls or travel shawls in black, green, gray and lilac

some of our favorites office shawls As of 2023: black / Green / Grey (Lighter) / lavender ($20!!). If you’re looking for more of a ruana jacket, I highly recommend it. those of Brooks Brothers!

Foldable Flats

These can be a great replacement if your regular shoes are uncomfortable – they can also be worn as slippers in the hotel room. Because they fold so small (and are very affordable for many), you can easily keep them in your purse…

Related: Travel Sleeve Bags

Hunting for light carry-on luggage trolley sleeve for your trolley? By 2023, all, Lo and Sons, vera bradleyand baggalini are your best bets if you’re looking for quality – yet here are some super affordable Amazon options. (There is a floor It and likes!)

You may also want to look into travel cup holders such as: ItDesigned to fit in your trolley bag.

Related: Travel Friendly Suits for Women

hunt for travel friendly suits for women? As of 2023, some of our favorites include the following brands: 1) MMLaFleur2) Ministry of Supply3) Brooks Brothersand 4) Talbots — You may also want to check out our summary. washable suits for women!

Readers, what about you—what are your top business travel packing tips? What are the things you pack, restock, or make sure to always bring? Are you sure what you keep or bring or restock in your bag? Overall, what are your top business travel packing tips?

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