Monday Music – Arrogance and Cover-ups


Happy Monday ladies. Monday music is never scheduled. I just started typing and it is pouring, so wait for a curvy ride 🙂

Our weekend was a cold day. Not because it’s cold, but because our oven is broken. Please forgive for the upcoming rant…I hate arrogant men.

fix men

Our bakery has been on the fritz for a few weeks. He seems to have a mind of his own and only pops up when he feels like it. Our warranty company sent a mechanic to diagnose the problem. He was one of those morons who despised women and only spoke to the “man of the house”.

The problem is, my husband didn’t pay much attention to what was going on at the stove. She knew it was broken but I knew how to explain it Absolutely. I’m the one who adjusts the temperature throughout the day, listens and knows what he’s doing or not doing.

The region said that our engine was faulty and not covered by the warranty. I tried to explain how he was acting because his diagnosis didn’t feel right to me. This mechanic didn’t even look at me when I spoke to him, so I knew he wasn’t listening.

He said we’re working on fixing this because our contract doesn’t cover that and neither will he. We hired someone to replace the motor, which they verified “worked”, but the next day the furnace was back to working as before and we’re $600 poorer.

How do you deal with such men?

swimwear and so on

I’ve been so cold the past few weeks that we’ve decided to plan a few warm weather trips. We are going to visit my brother in Loreto Bay of Mexico and I am very excited and we are planning a very quick trip to Hawaii. Of course, both of these goals a swimsuit. Thing.

Romper Swimsuit

My only swimsuit hangs on my wardrobe key along with my exercise band, reminding me that I’m going to be walking on a beach soon. The muscle tone isn’t overdone 🙂 The thing is… even though I have the rock-hard body of a goddess, I’m more modest at 65 and just don’t want everything on display, so I explore swimsuits and swim jumpsuits.

Swimwear alternatives

I think caftan, covers will be my friend on these trips. I’ll pack hats, lots of sunscreen, and shop for casual wear and covers with built-in sunscreen.

Sunscreen fashion on my radar

my brother’s last book

Magic Realm Book

Brother Pete’s latest adventure book for kids is out! I loved the first one and am collecting them when my grandson is a few years older. The person in our family who truly inherited my father’s love of storytelling and writing is Peter. It’s a tale of magic, time travel, fairies, and dragons…perfect for the little kids in your life.

A new “live”

One of my favorite (perhaps the only) part of Instagram is Live chats. from Susan une femme d’un sure age and I’ll go LIVE to chat on Tuesday at 10:00 PT, 1:00 pm ET. The subject is greyed out. It promises to be a lot of fun! Susan is hosting and you can follow us here.

Thanks for reading ladies and don’t forget to wear what makes you feel safe.


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