Extreme Weather and You – How Do You Cope?


Asian business woman wiping sweat from her forehead in summer heat

The world seems to be going through a year of extreme heat, floods and fires, and there is much to talk about why, how and how to stop it. But let’s take a micro look for today – how does all this affect you? Have your concerns about air quality changed your life? summer workout strategy, For example? dir-dir Extreme heat affecting your clothing choices for work in new ways, your summer makeup optionsor your commute to work? If you have a vegetable or flower garden, how have you changed your strategies?

We got into this a little bit when we were talking about how. politics, weather and health concerns were affecting vacation plans last summerbut this year’s heat, floods, fires and air quality concerns feel like we’re in a new place even since last summer.

I’d love to hear how it goes for you, readersā€¦

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Some Products That Can Help You Keep Cool During Extreme Summer Heat

Extraordinary Products to Help You Stay Cool While Going to Work

We’ve featured a number of unusual products that can make. helps you cool down or stay cool on the way to work – here are a few of them, including a faux pearl necklace you can put in the freezer and more!

Lightweight Trousers for Work

Lightweight Blazers for Business Events

Looking for lightweight blazers made from linen and other fabrics? By 2023, J.Crew’s Hardwood blazer It’s super affordable as well as available in linen quince blazer. Along the relevant lines (all machine washable!), check Uniqlo’s Airsense jacket (light and flexible), Madewell’s Drapeweave line (light and draped) and Soft Icons series by Brooks Brothers (light and draped).

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