Adut Akech Vogue Italy June 2022


became common for versions fashion Worldwide to share themes. Eyes on last year’s September offers New beginnings. This month fashion France, fashion Spain and fashion Italy joined forces to pay homage to the Mediterranean. The French team brought us to Saint-Tropez. Rachel Zimmermann. Now fashion Italy commissioned Vito Fernicola to capture Adut Akech on the Italian island of Pantelleria in June 2022. For the black and white cover photo, Adut is an absolute vision adorned with an assortment of Chanel jewelry.

Vogue Italia June 2022 : Adut Akech, Vito Fernicola


The cover caught the attention of our forum members. “AMAZING…LOVE!” shouted DK92.

“This is such a stunning cover! I absolutely love it. The image is very strong and I love the combination with the bright yellow,” he said. [Piece Of Me].

“The gorgeous cover and the yellow font are perfect,” he declared. mepps.

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“Nice cover… everything works!” approved justaguy.

“Fabulous and totally unexpected fashion Italy. This collaboration looks very good so far, I can buy all three editions,” he shared, pleasantly surprised. SLFC.

“Oh, it’s actually gorgeous,” she admitted. MOON.

However, not everyone shared the same enthusiasm. “Am I the only one who doesn’t like this cover?” she asked ah ah.

“My least favorite of the three fashion Covers dedicated to the Mediterranean,” accepted fashion28. “I by no means equate black and white photography with the Med, and even so the cover alone is a fail IMO.”

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