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  • cut discussed the safety of prescription hydroquinone.
  • fascination He asked: “Where are they? [makeup products] Meeting the needs of women over the age of 39, not making aging a point of distinction?
  • fashionista He looked at the battle between mined and lab-grown diamonds.
  • MSNBC spoke with author Joanne Lipman. Next! The Power of Rediscovery in Life and Workabout making a career axis and the number one career mistake women make.
  • New York Times SoFi reports that it is suing the Department of Education to end the pause in federal student loan payments.
  • Today NBC News correspondent shared Yamiche Alcindor’s statement about the challenges she faced in IVF over the years.
  • Washington post He noted that states with a ban on abortion saw a sharp decline in OB/GYN residency applications.
  • Los Angeles Times He looked at the awareness of “soft walking.”
  • Where does the Laughter of the Week come from? Belladonna“Are you there, Margaret? It’s me, Menopause.”

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