Linda Evangelista Fendi Baguette Advertising Campaign 2022


We’ve been praying for a Linda Evangelista return for years. We were hoping it would come in cover form. British fashion. But the supermodel’s spectacular comeback came in the form of a Fendi campaign. Surprising us to the fullest, the brand has secured its modeling legend for their latest ad that shines a light on Fendi’s iconic Baguette handbag. reunited with Linda Steven Meisel On this occasion, with style none other than Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele. For the stylish campaign visual, Linda showcases a silver sequin variant of the bag originally created by Silvia Venturini Fendi in 1997.

Fendi 'Baget' Handbags 2022 : Linda Evangelista by Steven Meisel


Our forum members could not believe their eyes. “The Queen is back!” Announced caioherrero.

“Quiet” he said helmutnotdead.

“This just brought tears to my eyes!” voiced cocobobon.

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“Shaking, crying, throwing up. What a spectacle!! La Linda and Meisel finally got back together and we got Carlyne to top it off? I was too ecstatic to give objective criticism or long sentences, this is the most exciting campaign I’ve seen in years.” said. Arabic.

“Linda can’t go wrong in front of Meisel’s lens. I’m glad you’re back,” he confirmed. cotton mouth13.

“Wonderful! Still, how wonderful to see Linda Evangelista back on stage with Steven Meisel. You know you feel comfortable posing just for him!” cried fashion28.

“Linda is so dynamic you can’t look elsewhere. His eyebrows alone do more for the camera in this shot than he does for the camera. some popular models they have succeeded throughout their entire career” KING OF VERSAILLES pointed.

“The biggest model shows girls how it’s done. “Welcome back, Linda,” he said. Paul Lintag.

Join the celebration and expect more from the campaign here.


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