How to Make Your Shoes More Comfortable


Many AWSL readers (and I!) suffer from various foot conditions such as bunions, dropped arches, corns or calluses, hammertoes, and/or plantar fasciitis. Unfortunately, even when browsing the shoe store or the internet for the most supportive, high-quality shoes on the market, you can still feel some discomfort. This is especially true if you live an active lifestyle and spend long hours standing!

After years of searching for ways to keep my feet happy and healthy, I’ve discovered a few tools to help you make your shoes more comfortable. Knowing I’m not the only one struggling with this issue, I thought AWSL readers might benefit from sharing the tips, tricks, and products I use to prevent my shoes from causing more pain to my aching feet.


These tips and tricks are even more helpful when paired with a comfortable and supportive shoe like my new shoe. Naot Pixie sandals. If you’re buying a new pair of sneakers, sandals, dress shoes or boots, be sure to check out these posts.

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How to Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

Whether you’re trying to fix an irritating pair of shoes that are rubbing and irritating your feet, or trying to relieve the symptoms of a foot condition, there are tons of great products that can help. Here are some of my favorites and ones I found worth trying!

#1 Add a Custom Insole or Insert

Dr. Scholl’s Plantar Fasciitis Insole

Dr. Protect and protect your feet from annoying Plantar Fasciitis pain while standing and walking using these insoles from Scholl.

Vionic Orthotic Insole

Vionic shoes are a fan favorite among AWSL readers. Did you know that you can replace the entire sole of your shoe with a premium foam insole with heel stabilization and arch support? I just ordered these and I’ll keep you posted!

#2 Protect or Fill in Problem Areas

Bunion Cushions

I have suffered from bunions for years. Some shoes, no matter how wide, compress and rub the area. Dr. These thin and flexible bunion cushions from Scholl help reduce friction and pressure.

Foot Leaves

Prevent your feet from slipping forward inside your shoes while adding additional cushion to the balls of your feet using these toe sheets. This happens to me even in low and flat shoes, so I use these in my shoes to keep my foot in the right place. You can use them on any pair of shoes, but they are especially useful when wearing heels or slippers.

U-Shaped Felt Callus Pads

These U-shaped callus pads protect sensitive areas on your feet to prevent blisters and calluses. The felt pad will also be great for protecting the bony areas of your feet.

Soft Gel Foot Covers

Friction from closed-toe shoes can cause pain and irritation, especially if you suffer from ingrown toenails, calluses, calluses or blisters. These thin protectors are made of medical grade silicone and cushion painful areas. You can also wear them as a preventative before a big day of walking, jogging or hiking, and they will also protect your shoes if you treat ingrown toenails.

Foot Glide Anti-Puffiness Balm

I would compare it to a roll-on Band-Aid! Apply to areas where you worry your shoes will cause irritation or chafing, and it will help protect you from blisters and rawhide. With over 11,000 positive reviews, this balm is a great choice for new shoes, etc. It looks like it will change the rules of the game for you.

number three. Stretch Your Shoes

Four Way Shoe Stretcher

If you have a pair of shoes that you love or that are too tight, you can stretch them using this shoe stretcher. I like to stretch my shoes at the toe for less pain in my bunion, but this stretcher can also stretch the width, length and ankle area. I’m just in my shoes this shoe stretch spraythen insert the four-way shoe stretcher until it dries.

#4 Wear Comfortable Socks

Gonii No Shoe Athletic Socks

These invisible socks do not fall or slip. They also have a compression waistband and a breathable mesh design that wicks away moisture! Mine came out and I love them!!

Here are some items to consider to make your shoes better:

Buy More Items To Make Your Shoes More Comfortable:

Do you have any tips and tools? I would love to hear what you use to make your shoes more comfortable.


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