Fendi Spring 2022 Advertising Campaign Craig McDean


Craig McDean seems to be Kim Jones’ favourite, as the designer welcomes the photographer for a second time to take a look at Fendi’s latest campaign. Following Jones’ highly anticipated first campaign for Fendi last seasonMcDean and stylist Melanie Ward reunite for retro-inspired Fendi spring 2022 ads. Barbara Valente, Anok Yai, Rianne Van Rompaey, Yilan Hua and Vittoria Ceretti pose for a series of photos that evoke a playful spirit and a modern take on disco glam.

Fendi S/S 2022 by Craig McDean


The result has divided our forums. “Looks so good!” approved mikel.

“Vittoria and Yilan have been the best part of this campaign. It could have been just the two of them. Rejoice,” he declared. WAVES.

“This is shaping up to be my favorite campaign of the season… It’s so vibrant, colorful and enjoyable. “All the girls are working, but Rianne Van Rompaey may be outshining everyone here.” fashion28.

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normal I felt the same way: “I can’t deny that it’s eye-catching, the colors are so vibrant that it stands out among many other brands’ products.”

But not everyone agreed. “So much like the collection… this campaign was a good idea (with style and a soft color palette), but it was executed horribly. The models look drunk and not in a good way!” called out YohjiAddict.

“This group shoot is terrible. America’s Next Top Model-level confusion,” disapproved avonlea002.

“Everything about it seems seriously worthless and cheap: art direction, style, composition, etc. heck, even Michael Kors they have better campaigns than this!” declaration Frederic01.

Fendi S/S 2022 by Craig McDean


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