Famous Astrologer Lauren DeGolia Marks the End of Summer 2023


Your zodiac sign can say a lot about your style. – and can also say a lot about how the summer of 2023 will go. We came back to break it all down for us Lauren DeGoliaclarity consultant and renowned astrologer.


“Animated Aries, your courage and adventurous spirit will lead you to new experiences and unforgettable memories this summer. Take your look to the next level this season and embrace glamorous highlights in the summer. Enhance your look with vibrant colors, a vibrant lip, glamorous makeup or stylish shoes and a matching bag to add elegance to your outfit. Don’t worry about going overboard when dressing to impress. Because you’re always on the go, opt for simplicity to make it easy to stay trendy on the go.”


“Magnificent Taurus, the hot summer of 2023 will reveal your sensual side and you will enjoy the finer things in life. Embrace elegant outfits and stylish silhouettes for a gorgeous summer. Leave the temporary trends behind and invest in permanent foundations that will accompany you through the sunny seasons. Combine your essentials with charming accessories for a fun twist. While simplicity is your strength, remember that a carefully selected ensemble means a lot.


“Glowing Gemini, with your quick wit and natural charm, you will make new friends and connections that will last a lifetime this summer. As you move from work to the beach or from the park to the patio party, choose outfits that showcase your ability to work wonders in your wardrobe. We know you like variety, so get your suits to blend effortlessly for a gorgeous and flowing fashion show. Be!”


“Charming Cancer, Summer 2023 will be all about self-care for you as you take time to nurture your emotional health and recharge your batteries. Organize your charming wardrobe with trendy must-haves that reflect your elegant style in sunny seasons. Opt for a charming, airy white linen dress, a bright silk scarf for versatile flair, and irresistible, sewn-on shorts for warm days. Appreciating your love of comfort, choose trendy sandals or polished sneakers to effortlessly accompany you to all sun-drenched gatherings and starlit social events this summer.”


“Live Leo, your radiant energy and charisma will shine through this summer, attracting all the right people and opportunities. Bask in the sun and sashay in the spotlight. Combine colours, fabrics, patterns and designers for a vibrant summer suit. Conventional wisdom has no effect when you choose clothes that will stand out during the warmer months. Embrace the spirit of fun and flirtation by choosing stylish combinations for ultimate season success.”


“Live Virgo, this summer you will find balance and harmony in the simple pleasures of life and appreciate the beauty in the little things. Make summer sizzling with sensational style deals. Embrace the warm, sunny months by aligning the timeless with trendy, curated ensembles that radiate YOUR extraordinary essence. Sprinkle your creativity like confetti by crafting outfits that enliven your every move. While your interest in a pristine wardrobe is admirable, be sure to prune away items that no longer fit your ever-evolving taste.


“Sweet Libra, the romantic vibes of summer 2023 will awaken the hopeless romance in you and you will immerse yourself in love and all its glory. Keep the summer months full of stylish possibilities as you build your wardrobe for warm weather. Embrace the airy basics as you adorn yourself with gorgeous decorations to create a stunning ensemble. Dare to mix and match unexpected pieces that grab your attention for a refreshing twist. We understand that choosing just one look can be daunting, so go ahead Libra – give yourself the freedom to be incredibly extra this season.


“Sensational Scorpio, this summer your magnetic energy will attract people and you will discover new depths of passion and intensity. Style your fashion collection this spring and summer by embracing ethereal fabrics such as linen, silk and delicate lace. Brighten your look with vibrant colors and eye-catching accessories that will no doubt spark interesting conversations. We love that you know how to dazzle and delight when inspired.”


“Sunny Sagittarius, thirsty for adventure and new experiences, will be one of the books this summer as you explore new horizons and collect memories that will last a lifetime. Summer brings stylish feelings for you. Dive into flamboyant, eco-friendly fashion selections that capture your liveliness and stand the test of time. Brighten up your wardrobe and shoe collection using bold hues that accentuate your adventurous mood. Add sustainable style statements that let your free-spirited essence shine through during the sun-kissed months.


“Whimsical Capricorn, you will find success and fulfillment this summer by leading with your intuition and creating success with your logic. Consider putting coats and scarves aside to embrace a fresh yet sensible wardrobe this summer. Adding a touch of fashion to your traditional collection during these sunny seasons and experimenting with some innovative outfits is perfectly acceptable. We know your passion for predictability, but going beyond your comfort zone is vital to the vibrant air your soul seeks.”

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“Sacrificed Aquarius, your free-spirited nature and unconventional ideas will be embraced this summer as you inspire others to think outside the box. Summer beckons you to show off your fashion sophistication with a rebellious twist. Discover boutiques and conscious designs that reflect your compassionate beliefs while breaking free from winter clothing restrictions and daring to add daring elements to your suits. We applaud your groundbreaking taste as you embrace the wild side and express your distinctive style during these sunny seasons.


“Bright Pisces, with your innate empathy and intuition, you will connect deeply with others this summer and find satisfaction with acts of kindness and compassion. Strengthen your presence this summer with breezy fabrics and lovely details. From charming chiffon to cute linen and flirtatious florals, let your intuition and spirit guide your style choices during the warmer months. We understand that making decisions can be difficult, do whatever fits your mood and creativity.”


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