Build a Shelter in Your Car? This Art Basel Lincoln Activation


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If you spend any time in your car, especially in traffic, then you know that if you’re going to be in traffic, you at least want the ride to be peaceful or as peaceful as possible. When Lincoln launched the fragrance “Coastal Mornings” with Serena Williams at Art Basel and shared a redesigned inner sanctuary with Rejuvenation Moods, it caught our attention!

Lincoln Art Basel 2022 with Serena Williams
Image with Brand

Lincoln celebrated his centennial at Art Week in Miami to celebrate Lincoln’s never-ending adventure. “peace, smoothness and the “Power of the Refuge”.”

The mystery part? (We love a good introduction!) Even Serena Williams gram caught our attention With the news that it will probably release a new fragrance – but it’s not one you or I can wear – we can only experience it inside the Lincoln Star™ Concept vehicle. futuristic, luxury, and calming Ah, now we’re listening.

An inner bunker inside your car? We’re always here for what inspires or makes room for a better mental health experience. Always… and with the traffic we endure and continue to brave?

What if there was one thing that could make a 2 hour drive in traffic smoother to go 30 miles? We need to know all the details and of course share them with you!

The Power of the Shelter in the Lincoln Art Basel Activation

Before the activation began, Lincoln invited a few influencers to Art Basel and kept them completely in the dark about this secret bunker reveal!

The ambassadors were mailed an invitation and a perfume bottle and told to come to Miami for a big announcement! There was no call to Lincoln, just a bottle, an invitation, and a mysterious hint that Serena Williams would somehow be involved.

Mystery and suspense, right?

When the influencers arrive at the SLS Hotel, all of this is Lincoln’s year-round “The Power of the Refuge”. Lincoln announced that the invitation and perfume bottle received just a few days ago is actually one of the car’s sensuous Rejuvenation offerings, but can only be experienced INSIDE a Lincoln vehicle.

But the activation did not end there…

At the Confluence of Scent & Sanctuary

Lincoln Art Basel 2022 with Serena Williams
Image with Brand

Lincoln hosted “The Intersection of Fragrance and Sanctuary” with tennis icon and Lincoln brand ambassador Serena Williams “The future of the sanctuary and the importance of fragrance.” Gabriele Chiave, Estee Lauder’s Creative Director of Design and Hospitality, and Ryan Niemic, Lincoln Interior Design Chief, joined him.

That’s kind of ingenious, isn’t it? For those of you back at work and the nonsensical trips they need, it’s pretty smart to be able to bring self-care and serenity to your car.

“The Sanctuary is a place where you can relax, freshen up, and get rid of all the stress and worries of the world. The scent evokes coolness and calmness to me, the sea at dawn, really beautiful, pleasant and refreshing.” – Claire of Fashion Bomby

Some of us already use car fresheners, but what if we could imagine a truly spa-like experience inside our car? From fragrance to massages to lighting to invigorating our senses and stress? How many of you find yourself waiting in your car for 30 minutes before you even get inside your house? What if that time could be deliberately spent relaxing, relating, and letting go?!

Following the panel, Lincoln introduced an installation featuring the Lincoln Star™ Concept. The concept, which emerged earlier this year, hints at the brand’s design for its future electric vehicles. The Lincoln Star™ Concept also requires a redesigned inner sanctuary with Rejuvenation Moods. “a harmonious sensory experience that includes massage, motion graphics, sound and even smell.”

Lincoln Art Basel 2022 with Serena Williams
Image with Brand

Did you catch this? A car that provides aromatic scents, seats that massage you, special sounds that take you to relaxation, and more? That’s what these Rejuvenation Moods are all about!

The Power of Shelter in Your Car with Rejuvenation Moods

Lincoln Art Basel 2022 with Serena Williams
Image via brand

Lincoln’s Rejuvenation Mood Scents is a unique and brand-specific experience, making drivers feel inspired and relaxed. We are here for anything to relax us, especially when dealing with the stress of traffic on the road.

The installation shows that the scent that Serena mocks on her channels is actually “Coastal Mornings!” showed that. Coastal Mornings is one of the three Rejuvenation Modes in the Lincoln Star™ Concept and its uses “Light, ocean sounds, the scent of sea mist, and the soft, warm glow of the sun with dynamic lighting throughout the cabin to mimic a stroll on the beach at sunrise.”

Can you imagine this kind of experience already?

Jane of HighLowLuxury sharing this “The scent inspires my mood that day, how I feel for that day. The Coastal Morning scent gave me a sense of calm, but it also has some warm notes in it – a bit of both. Very calm but warm and ready for the day and being energetic.”

Creating a third space of comfort, relaxation and serenity new a kind of Sanctuary – what Lincoln was up to and after. Get into these three moods of rejuvenation that can provide real sanctuary INSIDE your car:

  • coastal morning It uses the soft, warm glow of the sun with soft, ocean sounds, the scent of sea mist, and dynamic lighting throughout to mimic a stroll on the beach at sunrise.
  • Mindful Vitality It aims to reactivate the senses with an uplifting, upbeat sound, dynamic abstract artwork, soft, bright lighting and an all-over floral scent.
  • Evening Coolness reflects twilight using a calming nighttime soundtrack coordinated with night sky video and an evergreen scent

Three moods are built around the body. the natural circadian rhythm of morning, day and evening. With the help of connected technology, it will offer moods, content updates, and ways for customers to customize their settings for the future.”

Even more interesting? You can only experience this shelter and smell inside a Lincoln.

For more information on The Power of Refuge and Rejuvenation Moods, visit:!

What would you do with a bunker in your SUV? Can you imagine your journey home being stress-free? Do you enjoy having to navigate traffic or embrace some as YOUR time?

Either way, we can all use some shelter in our lives, right? A little peace and quiet, we’re on our way to our destination, right?!


Come on tell me what you think!

*Lincoln Concept vehicle. It cannot be purchased.


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