Adut Akech Vogue Australia January 2022


We root for Adut Akech and fashion what to be australia Kate Moss to the British fashion. After all, the Australian fashion pearl is welcoming the South Sudanese-Australian beauty again for the fifth time. The couple kick off the new year with a January 2022 cover filled with vibrant c.scents. only 17 months after his last appearanceThe model shines in the live cover image lensed by photographer Charlie Dennington. Adut adorned with a look from Louis Vuitton cruise 2022 Collection selected by stylist Mark Vassallo.

Vogue Australia January 2022 : Adut Akech, Charlie Dennington


fashion Australia’s newest was an instant hit. “This is such a lovely cover!” Confessed mikel when the lid falls.

“Actually, I like it. It’s so refreshing!” precursory MOON.

“This cover brings the sun to my dark side!” shouted oaklee91.

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“Adut Akech looks beautiful and brings a cheerful energy. There is movement, the style is eye-catching and the colors stand out. fashion Australia rarely produces memorable covers these days, but it’s very good,” he applauded. KING OF VERSAILLES.

urban style I was a fan: “I loved it, such a warm and joyful start to the year.”

“Adut looks gorgeous” praised ivano.

“It’s great to see Adut again, she looks beautiful as always and her cover is really cheery and eye-catching,” she said. Arabic.

“Feels young and fun, carefree and happy” Tigerrouge pointed.

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