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Sweater weather!! A casual, cozy cardigan is one of my favorite layering pieces alongside a blazer. Here’s a look at some I found that are bestsellers and won’t break the bank!

pink cardigan

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1. Lightweight Cardigan

It’s like a long cardigan but not the weight? This bright and light layering piece is perfect when you want some warmth or a sensational way to complement a shirt and a pair of jeans. I love this gorgeous pink that makes everything black or dark blue!

rusty cardigan

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2. Cable Knit Cardigan

I love this cable-knit cardigan, which is classic with a twist. The rust color is beautiful and the length is perfect. This is a great sweater because it gives the vibe of a trendy grandpa sweater, but it’s not bulky or bulky. It is worn open or belted, which is more aerodynamic and super cute.

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3. Leopard Patterned Cardigan

If you’re looking for a new cardigan, this is a beauty. It’s similar to the pink we saw, but shorter. Animal prints + this lightweight knit works year-round. This no-brainer investment will become a versatile staple in your wardrobe.

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4. Hooded Cardigan

Sporty and fun hooded cardigans are the trend of this fall. And even though you never use the hood, it’s definitely a cute detail! I love the marble look and cascading waterfall front of this earthy sweater. This is a very thin cardigan and it helps to camouflage thick thighs too!

honeycomb cardigan black

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5. Black Honeycomb Cardigan

Everyone needs a black cardigan, but make sure you make it fun. This one features a cool honeycomb knit that keeps you cool and adds texture and personality to your outfit! I love it with black jeans and this cute square neck tee in fire red!

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