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One of my many benefits 7 Steps to Style The program is monthly Q&A sessions. We meet on Zoom and I answer members’ questions so they can get the support and information they need to continue developing and defining their own personal style.

This was a great member’s question and I thought you might be interested in the answer:

Can you talk about some options for wearing open jackets when you have a certain waist and need to wear fitted tops?

I’m a X Shape, or it was until i lost a lot of weight around my hips and now i look better V shape in the upper half

I also have a long torso and short/skinny legs.

I love the look of open jackets, but they often make me look too wide on me and mess up my proportions (think: adult body above a child’s legs).

I get bored of wearing my jackets indoors (and hiding my beautiful blouses), even though it looks best in proportion. Is there any way I can open them?

How to Wear Open Jackets for a Certain Body Shape

1. The Shape and Style of the Jacket Matters

Look for jackets that are shaped at the waist – they will have darts, panels and seams that pull the fabric at the waist, so even if worn open, your waist will still show. Yes, there is a trend for short and wide jackets, but if you have a certain body structure, this style is not for you.

Choose a shaped blazer to protect your waist

This one-button blazer has a built-in shape in its construction, then worn with a pair of boots to balance it, and of course – don’t forget to draw your attention to your portrait – this gorgeous handmade necklace Witaya star of the outfit!

Not double-breasted, single-breasted jackets are also important. Double-breasted jackets are designed to be worn indoors – then they have their shape, but if you want to wear an open jacket it must be single-breasted, otherwise you will completely lose your waist.How to wear open jackets of a certain shape

2. Consider Balance and Proportions

Your entire outfit is important. Your bottom should fit your torso or be tucked into your butt to accentuate your waist.

Then you want to balance your shoulders with flared, high-top or wider-leg trousers instead of skinny-legs that will only emphasize the shape you want to balance.

A shorter jacket style that ends at the waist, such as a bomber or shorter moto or denim jacket, can also be great, as it ends at the waist and is usually styled to the waist.

Short jackets accentuate your waist

This dress shape is not ideal for an X shape, but notice how the shorter cropped jacket accentuates the waist and how I used the color column principle on the dress, socks and boots to create a single long gray line.

3. Use Colored Column (or Modified Column)

To make your legs look longer color column – you can do inner column (same color top and bottom – different colored jacket) or outer column (same color jacket and bottom, different color top).

Inner color column with alternative color finish

An interior color column again with a light jacket that works with my light color. I also almost mixed the shoes with the pants, so they are not a feature and make my legs look longer – and likewise, there are many accessories in the portrait space that will catch your eye.

For example, a modified column where the background of the print on your jacket is the same as the color of your bottom, this still creates a bottom-up flow rather than breaking up the body.

When your legs are short and you want to lengthen them, remember to mix shoes with trousers, tights/socks or legs rather than opting for a different color or neutral.

Sort Your Style

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3 ways to wear an open jacket with a certain body shape



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