10 Tried-and-True Tips for First-Time Plus-Size Bridesmaids


To be plus size bridesmaid The first time can be scary. For me it was! You were absolutely honored to be asked and would not miss the opportunity for anything in the world. And while you’re smilingly agreeing to attend a joyous event, the fact of dressing your plus size bridal gown may scare you. The thought of post-date change and being seen by hundreds of people cripples me.

I know this is true because it happened to me last year.

My mind immediately wondered if Vera Wang had made body-supportive dresses like mine. After two fittings and costly alterations, I found out she did it but it wasn’t that easy to find, but when a beautiful dress that compliments your skin has deep pockets, you choose your battles.

However, I was careful to observe the differences between plus and non-plus dresses and document my experience with minimal heavy chest support and uncomfortable shoes. As a first time plus size bridesmaid, there are countless things you need to know and prepare for ahead of time. To this list, I’ve included 10 must-know tips for peacefully navigating your body, feet, and bank account to the Big Day.

10 Tips for First Time Plus Size Bridesmaids Without Fail

Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses
Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses Image by Nordstrom

Bring Your Money Together

Unless your bridesmaid dress came from an plus-size seller, you have a good chance of making changes. This will cost you! As soon as you accept your bridesmaids assignments, research the estimated prices for bridal alterations. Even if the bride isn’t sure where the dresses will come from, you can go to your local bridal shop for estimates and general questions. Let them help you get your money right!

Shop for changes

A good tailor knows what he is doing wherever he works. That aside, sometimes even professionals may not understand your body and your comfort level. A friend and bridesmaid found a tailor from the David’s Bridal team for much cheaper. The results were surprising – her dress didn’t fit you well or slippery like mine.

Better? In the process, he gave support to a local minority business on his orders.

Pay for chest cups

The defined chest area in my Vera Wang bridesmaid dress was too tight. Read: He had no love or affection for my full H glasses. Additionally, wearing a half bra (which I don’t have) seemed difficult, so I was at the mercy of fabric chest cups. These were an added expense and not the best fit I could get, but I felt more confident after they were sewn on. If you don’t own or don’t want to buy a half bra and are uncomfortable being without a bra, this will be it. great option for you.

Shop for shapewear

Bodywrap High Waist Shaping Shorts Forever Yours Lingerie
Bodywrap High Waist Shaping Short forever your underwear

Bridal shops sell these things at exorbitant price points. Worse, they may not carry your size or your preferred brand. Evaluate your options at stores like Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart or even Spanx.com! If you’ve been to TCF, you should also check out this handy roundup. plus size shaper!

Keep clips, pins and tape handy

Full disclosure: My breasts are heavy, full, and one is noticeably larger than the other. Of course it would be my plight to pinch and tuck that dress! But you know what else I wish I was ready?

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Emergency Kit
Hollywood Fashion Secrets Emergency Kit amazon.com

A clip, pin, or sticky body tape to fold the girls in half. Despite the additional halter hooks poking my neck, I found myself embarrassingly readjusting my breasts (and nipples) throughout the day. Suffering!

order one size bigger

As this was my first wedding, I didn’t know that wedding dresses could be small. News flash, they do! It fits my regular size 18 but not like a fitted dress would. The small chest area was even smaller that size, so for the sake of my breasts – and because I like to breathe freely – I ordered a size up and made changes.

Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses
Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses Image by Nordstrom

Bring a spare pair of shoes

… in the right bridal colors. Since the length of my dress is long, I wore 5 cm high heels under it. After standing and posing for hours with my feet on them, he begged for mercy. When we got to the reception, those heels found a corner and a new pair of flats graced my feet.

Bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes to wear to the reception to compliment your dress.

Wear comfortable clothes before and after the ceremony

You’ll look and feel like a goddess once your flowy dress and makeup is applied. But girl, it comes at a cost – to your waist, spine and feet. Do yourself a favor and wear loose clothing until you change into wedding attire.

By the time your group arrives at the venue, you may have spent hours dressing, skincare and makeup, tons of photos in front of various backdrops, and lots of sucking. Walking, posing and traveling just keep going. ceremony, reception and another excellent photo tour. Grab a light bag of self-loving necessities so you can change when the day is over.

Prepare lunch or snacks

Another thing I didn’t think about was that these dresses could come with pockets. What a great place for snacks! With such a long day ahead, it’s in your best interest to bring a small bag of your favorite snacks like gum or almonds. Snack between tasks because your meal will come much, much later.

Stay cool and moist

With a long day ahead, it’s important to keep your body as cool and hydrated as possible. Take quick breaks for rest and water whenever possible. After all, you’re here to honor your friend and make his day as special as possible. Everything starts with taking care of you first.

More than my favorite people.

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What do you think? Do these tips help you? Which ones did we miss? How did you manage to become a plus size bridesmaid? Let’s discuss below!

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